Housing Focus Group

A housing focus group was held from 6:00PM to 8:00PM on Wednesday, March 16th, in a classroom at Gallaudet University. Throughout the evening, participants were prompted to provide their thoughts on barriers to homeownership, available housing and homeownership assistance programs and alternative homeownership models. Feedback from focus group participants clearly indicated that several rental housing units within the Ivy City and Trinidad community are in poor condition. While some participants were eagerly preparing to purchase a home, others were skeptical. Steady employment was expressed as a common barrier to homeownership. Several participants also expressed frustration with the way information on housing programs and projects is shared with local residents.

A short mapping exercise was included as part of the housing focus group to gauge the perception of safety in locations thoughout the Ivy City and Trinidad Neighborhoods. Residents were asked to place green dots on locations where they feel comfortable leaving youth unsupervised, yellow dots on locations where they feel relatively safe, but youth should be supervised, and red dots on locations they themselves do not feel safe. The results of this exercise can be viewed here.

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