What is the Ivy City & Trinidad Neighborhood Stabilization Initiative?
More than Just a Planning Exercise

The Ivy City & Trinidad Initiative is a chance for local residents to influence investments that the City will be making in affordable housing. It is also an opportunity for local residents to identify desired retail and neighborhood service improvements and workforce development needs. Finally, this initiative is an opportunity for local residents to work with national experts to develop a comprehensive vision that will inform future community investments.  


How did it start?

Federal Funding Opportunity

The Neighborhood Stabilization Program, Round II (NSP2) is a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) program established as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) to stabilize neighborhoods that have been damaged by the economic effects of the foreclosure crisis. Funding was provided to local governments and non-profit organizations through a competitive application process.  


Who’s Involved?

The DHCD and NCRC Partnership

The DC Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) partnered with the National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC) to develop a unique, comprehensive approach to neighborhood stabilization that incorporates market-driven data and broad community involvement. The DHCD-NCRC application was awarded $9.5 million in NSP2 funding.

National Experts

The Ivy City & Trinidad Initiative is a DHCD project with NCRC serving as a primary partner. NCRC has also contracted a number of national experts in housing and commercial analysis, workforce training and community visioning. These project partners are needed to help incorporate comprehensive market data and broad community input into a neighborhood investment strategy.


Why is it Important?

Improved Access to Affordable housing

DHCD will invest $9.5 million in property acquisition, housing rehabilitation and home purchase assistance in the Deanwood, Anacostia and Ivy City & Trinidad neighborhoods. To guide this investment, NCRC and initiative partners are researching existing affordable housing and homeownership programs and performing an analysis of the current housing market. The input local stakeholders provide through the community engagement process will inform this analysis and help NCRC focus recommendations to ensure these investments benefit current residents.

Increased Commercial Development & Employment Opportunities

The Ivy City & Trinidad Initiative will provide an opportunity for neighborhood residents to think about what they want in their community and how they might benefit from future investments. NCRC and initiative partners will conduct a commercial market analysis and explore opportunities to help local residents start successful businesses. To inform this work, residents will be asked about goods and services they feel are missing from their neighborhood. Residents will also have the opportunity to identify their skills and employment challenges through surveys and focus groups intended to help improve local training programs and connect residents to future job opportunities.

A Comprehensive Community Vision

The Ivy City & Trinidad Initiative will empower local residents to develop a comprehensive and long-term vision for their neighborhood. To aid this process, local and national experts will provide access to mapping and photo reimaging technology that will help residents understand current conditions, communicate their vision, and shape future investments to ensure community benefits.


How can I Participate?

Focus Groups – Community Meetings – Resident Surveys

Most importantly, resident perspectives, priorities and goals need to drive this investment strategy. DHCD and NCRC will host a series of focus groups and community meetings designed to get your thoughts on a variety of topics that affect your community. We are also collecting workforce skills assessment surveys that could help connect local residents to job training programs and future employment opportunities. 


To learn more, please contact Michelle Mulcahy at (202) 383-7705 or James Simmons at (202) 464-2735. You can also email us at ivycity.trinidad@gmail.com. 



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